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Booked Thai Airways Award Flight TG670/TG671 Bangkok - Sapporo

I recently noticed I had some expiring Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus miles, so I quickly looked into flights for my annual winter trip to Japan next year. Since I haven't flown direct from Bangkok to Sapporo and I wanted to do something differently this time, I booked TG670 departs Suvarnabhumi to New Chitose in mid-January, and return flight TG671 in early February. Usually, I always go to and start my trips from Narita or Haneda in Tokyo.

Business class on this flight costed me 75,000 miles and THB 3,750 for taxes.

I thought this flight was 777-300ER. Disappointingly, it turns out to be 777-300 with old angle-flat seat. Same as everybody else, I strongly prefer 1-2-1 full-flat seat configuration. However, Thai Airways (TG) is known for notorious aircraft swapping. They swap the aircraft so frequently, even at last minute, passengers often don't get the aircraft or seat type they originally booked for. In the last 8 flights I had with TG, only 2 flights were the same aircraft I booked. TG swapped the aircraft for the other 6 flights, I had to take older plane often 747 and old angle-flat seats.

Hopefully this time, I get lucky with their aircraft swap and get newer full-flat seat. In a mean time, I have to pick the best seat for me on this current flight, in case my flight doesn't get swapped at all. I don't really like sitting next to stranger on Business Class and be disturbed every time he/she goes to use a toilet. Seat configuration on this flight is 2-3-2. I chose one of three seats in the middle of a row, 14F. 14D is not available, leaving middle seat 14E empty. Unless this flight is completely full, very unlikely that anyone would chose to sit in between of strangers. Hopefully 14E remains unoccupied so I can have more space, privacy, and most importantly, don't get disturbed.

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