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Booked Thai Airways First Class

For my next year Japan trip, I booked First Class on Thai Airways (TG). Usually I don't find most First Class worth the price, and mostly I fly Business Class. However, on my flight from Bangkok to Haneda, TG uses old 747-400. Its Business Class seats are crappy angled-flat seat without direct aisle access, you'll be sitting next to a stranger, which is unacceptable by today's standards. I especially don't like when window seat passenger has to interrupt neighboring passenger to go to the toilet. Since I don't want that and to sit next to some a--hole, I had to book First Class in order to secure my total comfort and convenience of going to the toilet.

These photos are TG First Class seat I got as Busiess Class during my last trip to Japan. Next time, it will be this type of seat with full First Class service.

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