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I ordered some cheap tempered glass screen protectors for my Note 8 from AliExpress. Received a broken item, so I filed a dispute, which I thought it would be fairly quick simple refund. I was wrong. AliExpress's resolution was I have to send this broken item back with a tracking number in order to get a refund, and I have to pay the shipping. That's right, AliExpress is holding buyers responsible for sending defective/broken item back. Seller should be fully responsible for shipping fees in this situation, but apparently AliExpress doesn't have such business common sense. This item cost me only around $2~3 USD, it wouldn't make sense for me to pay the shipping because it'd cost around the same as an item. I've been hearing about AliExpress always side with sellers and buyers get screwed. Typical Chinese company... I'm just glad I only bought cheap item for my very first time of using AliExpress. From now on, if I'm going to buy some cheap crap from China, I buy only from eBay. eBay always protect buyers from shitty sellers.

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