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In Hong Kong and Macao

February 5 ~ 9, 2018 (02/05 ~ 02/09)

Since my flight from Hanoi departed an hour late, naturally I arrived Hong Kong an hour late. I was supposed to meet my family at the airport and go to a hotel together, but I told them not to wait for me.

After getting off a plane, got on a bus taking passengers to the gate.

Cleared the immigration, grabbed my luggage, and went to InterContinental Hotel counter at the airport. From there, I took their S-Class to the hotel.

The moment I arrived at the hotel, hotel staff was already waiting for me. She escorted me to the lounge where I united with my family.

After having a quick snack at the lounge, I went to one of our 2 rooms to relax until dinner. I stayed in room 1012.

View from my room

Dinner on first night: ate at hotel Stake House. Big stake with lobster

You get to choose which knife you want to use. I chose Japanese knife.

And there are ten salts from around the world, so you don't get bored with the taste as you eat your big steak.

Dinner on second knight. I was a bit tired to go out for dinner, I had a Spaghetti Bolognese in the room by myself

We didn't do anything really interesting. Mainly did typical tourist things in Hong Kong and Macao....see things around, which was too boring for me and I hardly took pictures during our entire stay. I actually didn't take a single picture in Macao.

This kind of trip wasn't my thing. I prefer traveling around rural areas where I can enjoy nature's offerings. I don't personally like going to places there are tons of people.

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