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JAL JL751 Narita to Hanoi - Business Class Sky Suite

Updated: Feb 11, 2018

February 4, 2018 (02/04)

From Grand Nikko Daiba Hotel to Narita, I got on a limousine buss at 11:55am.

Arrived at Narita around 1:15pm. I spent a few hours meeting with someone I know working there before I went throught the immigration and got on my flight.

This will be my seat (2K), and I've got 3 windows!!

Unlike the one on British airways, all seats have direct access to isle

Dinner time

First dish

Main Dish

Dessert: Green tea puddin

Sleeping time. Hoever, for some reason, I could never fall asleep on any type of seat on any plane. I was awake the whole time.

Huge leg room

The most privacy I have ever had on any buisness class

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