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Manza Hotel Juraku 万座ホテル聚楽

January 22~23, 2018

Manza Hotel Juraku (万座ホテル聚楽) at Manza Onsen in Gunma

By the time I entered Manza Highway, it was already 5:30pm and dark. Snowing heavily and they weren't plowing snow during that time, which made fresh slippery

snow really thick on the road. You have to go up 1800m above sea level in this condition. My car was X-Trail 4WD with snow tires. I nearly got stuck at 6 places where snow were piling up thicker. There were a few cars couldn't make it up there.

Successfully made it to the hotel. Not only you need good 4WD and snow tires, you need speed. If you go too slow, no matter how good your 4WD is, you will get stuck where fresh snow is thick enough. However, if go too fast, you will oversteer the corners, so you need to balance it well. Remember this, do not stop. Keep going. If you stop, you get stuck. Then you need to go out and do manual labor to get your car moving again.

Hallway to my room

My room# 209

Not so good. Old. it needs some renovation. If you want nicer hotel, stay at Prince Hotel.

I chose here here for one reason, spectalucar view of Karabuki(空吹) from my room:

When I woke up at around 6:30am


Buffet Dinner:

Forgot to take pictures (I was very very tired) but it wasn't good anyway. Same dining hall as breakfast below.


It was so so...

9:00am, started snowing heavily again...

My car in the morning

Closest you can get to CKarabuki(空吹)

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