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Got my Gorilla UV but...

Updated: Dec 21, 2017

I received my Gorilla UV, the Whitestone Dome alternative. Here are what you get for 1,000 Baht or $30 USD.

They give you 2 sets of cleaning materials and glue. You also get Nano Coating, extra layer protection for the screen protector.

This is the glass. Excellent quality and slippery. Looks and feel exactly the same one as Whitestone Dome. Must be from the same supplier. You also get 1 more set of cleaning materials and Nano Coating.

Here is USB UV light, the nail dryer. They didn't bother changing the package or putting their own brand on it to save the costs.

It didn't come with an installation tray, which made installation a bit trickier. I had difficulty aligning the glass. It was so slippery and so difficult to keep the glass stay at perfect alignment even though my phone was on level surface, while battling with leaking glue at the same time. Once I was happy with the glass alignment, I began UV light curing immediately. I cured it for probably about 8 minutes total. It came out very I thought at first. It looks and feel absolutely no different from Whitestone Dome at all. Anyway, I really thought mine was perfect. However, couple days later, mine started to develops bubbles. The number of bubbles kept growing to the point it became too annoying to look at and I had to remove the glass. Not sure whether my struggle of aligning the glass was the cause of problem. In my case, it just didn't work out for me. But one thing for sure is this is the Wintestone Dome alternative for those who live in Thailand, and don't want to pay higher price to import. It may be more difficult to install. Still, you'll get the exact same result (either good or bad) depending on well you can install without the tray.

Honestly, in my personal opinion, this kind of glue screen protector is overrated. In reviews, people keep mentioning how beautiful and how much better it looks. It didn't look THAT much better to me. Sure, it has the best clarity. I also did find clarity of good quality tempered glasses are just as good. Not a huge difference. The best thing about glue screen protector is it doesn't have an issue of reduction in touch sensitivity like many of edge adhesive tempered glass. Other than this, I don't find glue screen protector is worth the price or effort. I hated dealing with the mess of leaked glue and smell of it. I probably won't try it again.

I might try something else however. I'll travel to Japan in mid-January 2018. Over there, many people don't use glass, TPU or PET screen protector anymore. They have stores putting 0.01mm thick coating on the screen that serves 8H protection from scratches and fingerprints. Since there is no additional glass or plastic on the screen, there will be zero reduction in clarity so you get to enjoy original quality of your phone screen. And this is the most slippery screen protector yet. Far more slippery than any glass screen protector. This coating is going to be done professionally that takes only 10 minutes. Therefore, there is no worry of dusts or nasty bubbles. No more stress of installing it by yourself in your dusty home and dealing with smelly messy glue. According to people who had this done to their phones, this is nothing like liquid protectors that you order online and apply it yourself. This is the real layer of protection that you can feel with your finger. I have to try this. Thanks my Note 8's round edge display, I've just about had it with finding screen protector for it.

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