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S350d AMG AdBlue Fault Update 2 - Replaced a Whole Car

This "AdBlue Fault" had turned out in a way I'd have never expected it. We got our #S350d back yesterday on July 3rd. Technically, we didn't get our original car back. We got a new car. The dealership actually took back the old one and replaced it another brand new S350d AMG. I checked it. Its mileage had only 7km. It IS a brand new car, never been used. This was a total surprise for us. In the U.S., no dealership will willfully take defective car back they sold unless we use Lemon Law to force them.

Dealership explained software update that supposedly should fix an issue hasn't arrived from Germany, and Mercedes' headquarter hasn't provided ETA. Even after software update has arrived, a technician at the dealership wasn't even sure it will certainly fix the problem. Rather than keep us waiting much longer and driving E-Class a day after we purchased S-Class, the manager made a decision to replace the whole car.

As an apology, they gave us flower when we came to get our new car (for second time) and returned #E350e.

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